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Globalization has thrown up new opportunities and hence the profile of winners and leaders in this new age is changing. The Schools, only next to the family, have a special responsibility. They must equip the children with attitudes and skill sets essential for winning in this competitive information age. A modern infrastructure, continuous updation of curriculum and pedagogy and a committed and skilled faculty are essential ingredients of a new age school. The parents look for a collaborator who would attend to their child’s scholastic and multi-dimensional needs. L.P. Savani Vidhyabhavan, committed to promote quality and value-based education, provides a sound physical and academic infrastructure, an engaging curriculum, a vigorous outdoor life, motivated & skilled faculty and a learning environment of vibrant campus.

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Dear Readers,

At L.P.Savani International School, we aspire to form students who have more of Competence, Compassion, Conscience and Commitment. This leads to multiple aspects- character formation, personality development and grooming of students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We place the students at the center of learning process. Students enter the school gate, into our fold and responsible teenagers mature under our guidance, when they finally step out into the big wide world and so preparing the future GLOBAL CITIZENS with a sense of pride and dignity. The Institution directs its educational efforts to prepare yearning minds to act as responsible leaders with a sense of integrity and honesty by providing opportunities of successful learning and growth. 

Principal's Desk

surya mohanty principal l p savani vidhyabhavan english medium principal
LP Savani Vidyabhavan
 has established a "Tradition of Excellence" in academics, co-curricular activities and holistic development.

Surya Mohanty
Principal, L.P. Savani Vidyabhavan
(English Medium)

Principal's Desk

ms priti shashtri l p savani vidhyabhavan principal gujarati medium
Imagine with all your mind
. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.

Priti Shastri
Principal, L.P. Savani Vidyabhavan
(Gujarati Medium)

Principal's Desk

Urvi Patel L p Savani vidhyabhavan principal
"The tradition of excellence is ours, the choice is yours". Teamwork is the earmark of LP Savani Vidyabhavan. I am very sure that through concerted effort, we can add Value and attain more to benefit  our Students who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Urvi Patel
Principal, L.P. Savani Vidyabhavan
(English Medium)


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